Kindness & Gentleness

Table of Contents :kindness-and-gentleness


Chapter One:The Meaning of Kindness and Gentleness

The Meaning of Gentleness

The meaning of Kindness

Chapter two:Texts from the Qur’an and Authentic Sunnah That Explain How Necessary and Important It is For Anyone Calling to Islam to Adorn Himself With Kindness and Gentleness

Chapter three :Some Examples of How the Messenger of Allah Called to the Religion of Islam with Kindness

Chapter four :Sayings of the Scholars about the necessity of the one calling to Islam to adorn himself with kindness

Chapter five :The circumstances that warrant turning away from being kind and gentle in da’wah and justify being harsh

1. Harshness when carrying out legal punishments upon those who have violated the law

2. Harshness when it is clear that a person is stubborn,contemptuous and derisive towards da’wah (given with kindness and gentleness)

3. Harshness when an illegal act was committed by someone who should have known better

Chapter six :The necessity for considering the possible negative consequences of utilizing harshness in da’wah before using it


Glossary Terms